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Size Chart For Big and Tall Guys at

2XLTall 50-52 44-48
3X 54-56 50-52
4X 58-60 54-56
5X 62-64 58-60
6X 66-68 62-64
7X 70-72 66-68
8X 74-76 70-72

In reference to the chart above, this details specs in an important way:

The Size Chart above is the standard Big/Tall BODY SIZE guide, to help determine what size category you fall into based on your personal measurements. So, it's a measure of your body and should be used to then select clothes in that size range to fit. These clothes will all be cut larger than the chart so as not to fit like "skin", but deliver the comfort you want.

Sizing Tips:

  • For a good fit, DO NOT SIMPLY TRUST what some random size label says in something you already own. "4X" means different things when it comes from different clothing brands. Trust the tape measure!
  • THE BEST IDEA to be sure of what size you want is to take a shirt/pant/jacket you own that FITS WELL. Lay it out and measure it, then look to duplicate that set of specs when you decide on a size.
  • For the best fit for a top (ie Shirt, Jacket, or even a bib), you have to fit the thickest part of you to be comfortable. If it's your chest, great, but many guys are little thicker in the belly so take that into account when sizing.
  • For pants, generally just measure your waist size and go from there.

    Unless you already own the same brand you're looking at here and you like the fit - please measure yourself. We believe in the Tape Measure - there are a lot of low down, lyin' size labels out there, and we want to get it right for you the first time!

    In many instances, we have indicated throughout the site how specific garments are cut, and placed measurement specs in their descriptions so that you can make a good judgment about fit. With so many articles from so many cut/sew shops and Manufacturers, it's hard to ensure that every label means what it ought to, so we try to help when we can. As we like to say, the only thing that's the same everywhere is the tape measure, so we rely on that. Remember, we guarantee satisfaction with quality and fit, so if it's not right we'll swap it or credit it, no problem at all. THANKS FOR LOOKING!