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Cotton Lightweight Button Shirts, Vented Back, Big/Tall Sizes, LONG OR SHORT SLEEVE

SKU: 65000


$34.99  On Sale!

NOW IN LONG SLEEVE, TOO! Direct from requests at the BigCamo Poll -- Lightweight wear. Give global warming the finger with this 4.5oz cotton sheeting shirt, with mesh vented back. Long (38") tails, broad shoulders, and twin breast button flap pockets. Did we mention now in LONG SLEEVE? For shooting, fishing, hiking or just knocking around, nothing feels better on you than cotton. Stay cool, look stylish, impress your friends and intimidate the competition.

If you like lightweight, the Timber Microsuede shirts and pants are good choices, too. We're trying to get more of this cotton, but it's hard to come by here in the U.S. where we make these.

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