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CLOSEOUT!! Polypropylene Long Johns in Big and Tall Sizes

SKU: silkylene


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CLOSEOUT ON ALL REMAINING PIECES -- SOME ARE SLIGHTLY YELLOWED FROM SITTING NEAR FORCED-AIR GAS VENT. This long underwear comes in either a smooth, silky finish or a thermal (a waffle-weave) style. Silkylene material texture is similar to silk. It's made from a futuristic treated polypropylene thread that has superior moisture management characteristics because of its natural wicking ability. It weighs about 60% of what a comparable cotton john would, and does not have to be form fitting to be effective. Polypropylene will not retain odors or pill. It can be machine washed and dried and has a total shrinkage of less than 5%.

Ordering Tips: We cannot accept returns or exchanges on underwear due to common retail guidelines. Sorry about that, but we hope that the low price helps! We only have odds and ends left over, and we will attempt to match your pieces, but no guarantees. THANKS!

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