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BLOWOUT SALE!!! Scent-Lok ThunderTek™ 2013 Litegear Windproof Waterproof Carbon Alloy Pants

SKU: SLOK - 6020


$59.80  On Sale!

Scent-Lok's best waterproof breathable ThunderTek™ pant for 2013, made and cut especially for You know about Scent-Lok, and can learn more about the Carbon Alloy technology here:

You wake to the sound of wind and rain — and thoughts of the great day of hunting ruined. Or, a great morning turns into a wet, drizzling, afternoon. Whatever the case, thanks to the ThunderTek™ waterproof series, you can stay in the field in weather that often finds deer moving, but hunters leaving in favor of hot coffee.

Like last year's insulated gear, this pant combines an ultra-quiet micro-tricot shell and highly breathable waterproof ThunderTek™ membrane. Thanks to ThunderTek™, not only are you dry, but also undetected. It's a superb, lighter-weight and more affordable option that blends comfort, fit, the latest in REALTREE camo and Scent-Lok's industry-leading technology. Oh - and it's water and windproof, to boot!

  • Full cut pant stride to keep you comfortable on the stand, and without sacrificing mobility afield.
  • Breathable and Waterproof Silent Microsuede Fabric helps you stay out longer handing out death certificates to deserving Big Boys
  • Two large, zippered and flapped front pockets
  • Leg Zips (about 10") for easy on/off, wiht dual snap sets each side
  • Features Scent-Lok odor adsorption technology
  • AND Scent-Lok's patent pending Carbon Alloy enhancements

    This is our favorite part, THE SIZING!

    Sizing example tips:

  • 4XL Pant has 57" waist, 68" hip and 32" inseam length
  • 5XL Pant has 61" waist, 71+" hip and 32" inseam length
  • 6XL Pant has 65" waist, 74" hip and 32" inseam length
  • 8XL Pant has 73" waist, 79" hip and 32" inseam length

    No - you aren't seeing two different "specs" on these garments. The 5XL is supposed to fit a guy with roughly a 58-60" waist, who is already wearing his layers (that's the BODY size you see in the menu below). No need to order up a size - THESE FIT!!

    CLOSEOUT SALE!! This is NON-RETURNABLE & NON-REFUNDABLE! But it is a super killer DEAL!

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