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SALE!!! Big Man's BURLY Microfiber Relaxed Wicking Crew -LONG SLEEVE

SKU: BU-WickerLS


$16.60  On Sale!


With the help of Burly Camo, we got some really nice tees cut from their wicking, moisture control fabrics. These have better scent control properties than organic fibers, and hold the pattern longer, wash after wash. This poly-microfiber tends to not hold moisture like, and dry quicker than cotton. Comfortable year round.

Sizing Tips - PLEASE READ:

  • 4XL tag has 60"chest, 34+"Length
  • 5X tag has 62" Chest, 35" Length
  • 6X tag has 65" Chest, 36" Length

    Sleeves are all about 40+"+ to the end of the cuff. NOT the widest we have ever seen, but a very nicely made shirt if you don't pay attention to the size label.

    This is PERFECT for layering, too. If you're gonna be lethal, might as well be comfortable!

    Please select your sizes and patterns below: